FiloCIBOsofia Slow Life is the name I have given to a proposed lifestyle in which we use food as a tool to help us slow down the frenetic rhythm of our daily lives (note: “filo” is Greek for “love”; “CIBO” is Italian for “food,” but for me, Cibo is the meaning of all kinds of nourishment; and “sofia” is Greek for “wisdom”).

By using gentle and meditative yoga, FiloCIBOsofia Slow Life can help improve our relationship with food and time.

My approach allows us to explore what happens in our bodies with one simple movement, whether it be raising an arm or taking a bite of food.

This is a lifestyle which allows us to thumb our noses at the fast-paced world when we are at the table. There we can retrieve and remember our values, our patience, listening to ourselves and to others. This is a lifestyle in which we can retrieve ourselves and our awareness of the surrounding beauty.

The society in which we live doesn’t always allow us to take our time but at the table we can! So, during our meals, let’s switch off our phones, the “to do list” in our brains and let’s really enjoy this moment of truce in which we can recharge our batteries. This is finally our moment.

Self respect

To love oneself is the first step towards loving one’s body and knowing how to respect it

Freedom to eat

Eating becomes a pleasure, not sufferance and sacrifice


Change calls for perseverance, through joy and awareness

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