One morning a month… a morning fit for a King!

What about allowing yourself, or rather, giving yourself a gift once a month… a morning fit for a King (or a Queen)..?

We could choose Wednesday, because of its strategic position in the agenda of our week: busy Monday is behind us and Friday is almost at the door.

In any case, on our chosen day let’s dedicate the morning just to ourselves: getting up calmly, having breakfast “fit for a king” (exactly!), something similar to brunch, rich with a variety of food and flavours. And then let’s take time to read something we like, something we would read if we were on holiday. In other words: let’s take time for ourselves!

Without feeling guilty, without “ifs” and “buts”. And without using this “free” time to make those calls, or going to the tax office to pick up papers. And we won’t want to take advantage of this “gap” to fix an appointment at the hairdresser’s, to go shopping or to put the house straight while we run round picking up clothes to stick in the washing machine and reorganize our agenda. No!

Let’s remember that in this lapse of time we are queens – or kings – and that as such these tasks for common mortals are to be left for the remaining 29 days of the month!

Why all this? Because managing to give ourselves the gift of a little time, even if short, in which we can be calm and relaxed, in our own home, will allow us to gain in serenity and well-being and, most important, it will give us the chance to re-examine and change our priorities, carefully evaluating and reconsidering what things are most important for our true well-being.

Does managing to reserve time for ourselves, even if it’s just one morning a month that will allow us to share with others the energy we have recuperated, seem an impossible feat? Let’s try to relive that feeling of well-being we have when returning from a vacation…


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